Providing the answers to all your animal needs.

In 1991, Dr. Kirk T. Smith joined Amesbury Animal Hospital, 24 years after its founding by Dr. Robert A. Marston and Dr. Thomas C. Candee in 1967.

Dr. Smith’s inspiration came to him in a man he never officially met. His grandmother told him stories of his late grandfather, a man from rural Pennsylvania who had been a vocational and agricultural science teacher, and how he would have loved to pursue veterinary science if he had only had the chance. Passionate about animals and science himself, and just as eager to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, Dr. Smith admits that maybe, “veterinary medicine is in my genetic code to some degree.”

As a veterinarian, Dr. Smith says that these two things are combined with the mission of figuring things out and that getting the right answers has always been a motivation – but it wasn’t until later in his career that he realized that helping provide answers for the pet owners was one of the most important things veterinarians do in their profession.

While Dr. Smith’s journey to becoming the co-owner of Amesbury Animal Hospital may not have been an inspired and perfect plan, he’s proud of the way that he and co-owner Dr. Bastien were able to dream and plan for our veterinary hospital’s new facility in 2014.

Welcome to our animal clinic’s family.

Our pet clinic’s veterinarians and staff know the heart and soul of the practice is the people that work here… having a beautiful and comfortable animal hospital facility is just an added bonus. As Dr. Smith once said, “I always wanted to practice in a veterinary facility that now truly matches the level of care we are providing. The owners, patients, and staff now have the visit and experience that they all deserve and we always wanted to deliver.”

Along with our beautiful veterinary clinic, we also have well equipped ambulatory vehicles that can be taken out to treat large animals of all varieties. All of our veterinary staff understand that the animals in our lives are so important whether that’s as pets/family members or as agricultural livestock.

With our history of providing excellent veterinary services for both clients and their animals, you can trust that big or small, they’re in good hands with our veterinary family.

Our clients can count on 24-hour emergency care for all species.
Please call our pet hospital at (978) 388-3636 if you need our emergency veterinary services.