Welcome to Amesbury Animal Hospital

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to pet health care, and we’re so glad you chose to come to our animal clinic.

Our veterinarians treat large animals on location brought straight to you thanks to our full-service ambulatory.

For small animals, especially dogs and cats, we offer routine veterinary medicine and emergency pet health care services at our full-service veterinary hospital.

During these COVID times, we’ve worked together to ensure we provide the safest and best possible care, which means curbside pickup for most patients, as well as providing an option for telemedicine for clients who are or have come in contact with someone who is ill or has tested positive for COVID-19. To be eligible, we will need to have a current veterinary/patient/client relationship, meaning we have examined your pet in the last 12 months. These appointments are best for patients with minor medical concerns. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we can’t wait to return to business as usual.

For our small animal visitors, our team of veterinarians and staff do our best to make our canine and feline patients feel at home when they come for pet health care, both routine and unexpected.

We know that veterinary visits can make pets uneasy, so we are prepared to help them feel at home. Our biggest concern is helping your pets feel safe and comfortable, whether that’s helping bring in your anxious dog or giving them anti-anxiety medication if needed, or having cats examined in our “feline only” exam room with pheromones to help cats relax while they at their exams.

Under normal circumstances, our veterinary clinic also offers coffee or bottled water for the pet parents while you wait to be seen. If you are a new puppy or kitty owner, you will get a new pet bag with educational pamphlets and new owner manuals, and fun little surprises inside.

We know that sometimes the unexpected happens, and in those cases, we still want to be available to help you and your beloved animals. That’s why our pet hospital offers Care Credit to help along with animal or pet health insurance so that when life’s troubles happen, you and your animals will be covered.

If you’re unsure about payment, give our veterinary clinic a call and we’ll talk to you about what to expect for your animal’s visit.

Whenever possible, we encourage clients to fill out New Client forms ahead of their appointments. This allows our veterinarians to get to work right away on your animal companions and livestock and gives us a better overview of their health history before the veterinarian has even seen them, making the onboarding process that much simpler.

We’re delighted you’ve chosen Amesbury Animal Hospital as your animal health care provider of choice, and we can’t wait to meet you and your animal friends!

Our clients can count on 24-hour emergency care for all species.
Please call our animal clinic (978) 388-3636 if you need our emergency veterinary services.