Large Animal Veterinary Services

Our animal clinic offers a wide range of veterinary services for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, camelids and pigs. Learn more about the species specific veterinary services we offer as well as our general large animal services. Our veterinarians and staff will work with you to provide your animals with the best veterinary care possible.

We are pleased to offer our veterinary services to large animals from Massachusetts (Salisbury, West Newbury, Newbury and Newbury Port) and New Hampshire (Kingston, East Kingston, Haverhill and Seabrook).

Species-Specific Veterinary Services

On top of regular wellness checks, our equine patients may require certain extra care when it comes to their overall health. Our veterinarians offer digital radiography for potential soft tissue and bone abnormalities, along with other routine surgical care when necessary.

Whether it’s pre-purchase examinations to ease the stress and uncertainty that comes with purchasing a new horse, regular lameness examinations, or geriatric care to help prevent arthritis or other diseases, our veterinarians offer extensive options to ensure your equine companion has the best chance to live its healthiest life possible.

When it comes to livestock, similar to annual appointments for individual animals, we recommend “herd checks” with a specific veterinarian to help you with your herd management needs. This way, we can help improve the efficiency of food animal production and provide you with the highest quality medical and surgical veterinary services.

Our animal hospital also offers veterinary services for reproduction in the form of heat-detection or synchronization and pregnancy testing on a routine or as-needed basis. As long as your large animals are within our large animal ambulatory area, our veterinarians can visit your herds on location as needed, and even offer on-farm surgery when necessary. If you live outside of the Northeastern Massachusetts (Salisbury, Newbury, Newburyport and West Newbury) and Southern New Hampshire (Kingston, East Kingston, Haverhill and Seabrook) area, we recommend trucking your animals to our veterinary hospital located in Amesbury, MA and we’ll see them as soon as possible.

General Veterinary Services

Regardless of species, all animals can benefit from routine yearly annual wellness exams. For all of our equine patients, we include physical exams, vital signs, and body condition scoring. This exam includes a more tailored approach to each barn’s deworming strategy and parasite control, as well as the appropriate vaccinations depending on your horse’s lifestyle and exposure risks. Our veterinarians also discuss our sedated oral exam and dental recommendations. Additionally, our veterinary clinic offers Coggins testing, digital health certificates, senior bloodwork, and nutritional and body conditioning counseling.

For our other livestock, including our camelids or our smaller, ruminant clients our animal hospital offers hoof and foot care. We know that our porcine patients are easily stressed, so our veterinary team will take care in handling pigs when it comes to their exams, so you can rest easy knowing they will receive the best possible veterinary care.

Oral health is an important part of an animal’s overall well-being and requires regular dental care to prevent any potential painful problems. Horses’ teeth grow and erupt continuously throughout their lives. Sedated oral exams and “Floating” their teeth is the key way to avoid hurting their mouths with sharp enamel points, hooks, or fractures. Our veterinary hospital is well equipped with both power and traditional manual instruments to provide dental services to horses of every size.

Similarly, our veterinarians also offer to care for the sharp teeth found in male camelids or even tusk trimming for pigs, along with other important dental care to avoid injury to themselves or other animals as well as preventing periodontal disease.

Even the healthiest looking animals can be a host to disease-carrying parasites, which is why prevention and control are so important. In horses, these parasitic cycles are carried on through the manure and fields and wind up entering the patients again through grazing. Our veterinarians will run a fecal examination, which can lead to offering deworming solutions and advice for better pasture and manure management.

Parasites can impact livestock, camelids, and porcine patients as well, so our veterinarians recommend regular checks for all species.

Our ambulatory trucks are stocked with all necessary equipment to perform various on-farm veterinary surgeries such as castrations, displaced abomasum (DA) surgeries, fetotomies, cesarean sections, or laceration repairs for many of our large animal patients. More complicated procedures and advanced imaging and diagnostics may be referred to a veterinary specialist.

Vaccines are tailored to fit the geographical location and species of every animal that’s seen. In our veterinary practice, we know which vaccines are appropriate for all, and which depend upon unique circumstances. For horses, this includes Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Rabies, and West Nile Virus as our core vaccines.

For camelids, this includes vaccinations for rabies, clostridium type C & D, and tetanus. For pigs and other livestock, this can include similar vaccines, depending on the species and the circumstances.

Our clients can count on 24-hour emergency care for all species.
Please call our animal clinic at (978) 388-3636 if you need our emergency veterinary services.